Hydrogen Water Generator Bottle (HI-TA 13)

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Recharge your water and enrich your body with active antioxidants with the Buder HI-TA 13 Hydrogen Bottle designed and manufactured by Maxell Ltd. in Japan

High Efficiency Electrolysis

Very well designed Platinum electrodes does very quick electrolysis & generates Hydrogen Water quickly.

High Corrosion Resistence

Patented Platinum electrodes design which resists corrosion & increases the life of electrodes.

Hydrogen Concentration

Generates 900 ppb Hydrogen Concentration in just 3 minutes

One Touch Activation

Activates Hydrogen Generation of the water by just one touch. Very Simple & easy to use.

Rechargeble Battery

Battery of the Bottle is chargeable by using USB charger anywhere, anytime.

Portable Design

Can carry bottle anywhere easily, charge it easily & generate Hydrogen Water anywhere anytime when we want to drink it.


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