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We are pride ourselves on offering high quality products to customers that meet their needs at affordable prices, and provide them good quality products every time.

High Quality Products

Our innovative products are the result of years of testing by scientists across the world and have gained international recognition as highly designed, effective and effective products.


We provide community service throughout the country with our high quality innovative ionized water and other food products are designed to meet quality standards.

Improved Life Quality

Our ultimate goal is to raise and improve the quality of life and to maintain a very valuable resource to each and every customers using our product.



Hellema Biscuits

Hellema is a unique family business with more than 150 years experience in baking the best cookies and developing successful brands. Nowadays Hellema is still using high-quality ingredients and is producing from trusted and tested recipes. The latest manufacturing techniques and high-quality assurance systems. Much attention is paid to research and product development. This results in unique products that fit the ever-changing consumer demand.

Zero Candies

ZERO Eucalyptus candies 0% sugar. Great tasting and soothing eucalyptus that comforts a sore throat and helps you breathe free, with a flavor that’s great for wintertime. New ZERO, 0% sugar free candies, in ten delicious flavors.Discover the unique taste of ZERO candies and enjoy free of guilt.Authentic butter candies, hot and exotic cinnamon, fresh and soothing eucalyptus are some of your ZERO choices.Innovative & practical packaging with an “edgy” personality.

More than

Families using The Purifies

More than

Persons using ionized water Daily

More than

Times more oxygen than other water

Pokoj Premium Fudge

Two-colored milk mass in dark cocoa spots of a unique pattern. Ductile and soft consistency changing into crunchy with a so-called teardrop inside disappearing over time. An exceptional product for connoisseurs looking for special flavor sensations.

Pokoj Milk Fudge

Fudge containing only milk fats with use of ingredients of the Polish origin. Delicate, soft, clearly milky and caramel of harmonized fragrance and flavour …. Ductile and soft consistency changing into crunchy with a so called teardrop inside.

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Trualka Water

Truly Stable 9-10pH with Negative (-) Ions (ORP)

Supreme Tru Hydration

Truly Smooth and Awesome Taste

Enhanced With Electrolytes

Helps To Maintain An Alkaline Environment